Southcity Resource and Development Centre

Southcity Resource and Development Centre

2 Maldon Street
BT12 6HE
United Kingdom

The group was established to promote the benefit of the community, by the provision of a range of services and facilities so as to inprove the quality of life for local people.

We deliver projects under nine main themes:

1. Building Strong, Safe, Attractive and Sustainable Communities.

2. Helping people move towards and into work as well as increasing the Skills Level.

3. Improving Community Relations

4. Raising Educational Attainment.

5. Engaging Young People.

6. Improving Health and Wellbeing.

7. Support and development of older people.

8. Provision of Advice services.

9. Building the Social capital of local residents.


We do this through a range of methods:

• Development of focus groups.

• Attending conferences.

• Funding applications.

• Engaging with the planning process.

• Health and Safety training.

• Advocating on behalf of local residents.

• Training volunteers with committee skills; decision making processes; financial procedures.

• Developing suitable constitutions.

• Committee training.

• Role of Chairperson, secretary, treasurer.

• Setting up a bank account.

• Health promotion activities.

• Financial processes.

• Roles and responsibilities.

• Decision making.

• Developing outcomes.

• Management of time.

• Child protection guidance.

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Southcity Resource and Development Centre

2 Maldon Street, Belfast, BT12 6HE

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