ProGov Consultants Limited

ProGov Consultants Limited

10 Ballyclough Road
BT28 3UY
United Kingdom

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Sonja Woods, Managing Director

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Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

ProGov Consultants Ltd. is a Northern Ireland registered company which provides management consulting & corporate governance services to charities & private businesses in Northern Ireland.
Services to Charities are provided at heavily discounted rates.

ProGov Consultants Ltd. offers the following services to charities and the private sector:

Corporate/Charity Governance:

  • Review of Memorandum and Articles of Association/Constitution
  • Recommendation and preparation of amendments to Memorandum and Articles of Association/Constitution
  • Review and recommendation as to corporate/organisational structure

Company Secretarial:

  • Review of compliance with legal and regulatory requirements
  • Review of compliance with codes of corporate governance and best practice
  • Provision of Company Secretarial services, including:
  1. Creation of Agenda for Board Meetings
  2. Creation of Schedule of Annual Board Meeting Topic Calendar
  3. Preparation of Board Papers
  4. Attendance at, and minuiting of, Board Meetings
  5. Preparation of Notice and Form of Proxy for General Meetings
  6. Preparation of Written Board or Shareholder Resolutions
  7. Creation of Non-Disclosure Agreements, Confidentiality Agreements and Conflict of Interest Agreements

Board Services

  • Review of Board Composition and preparation of Skills Matrix
  • Provision of Director/Trustee training
  • Completion of Board performance appraisals
  • Provision of Independent Non-Executive Director (Private businesses only)

Succession Planning:

  • Review of current succession plans for Board Members and Senior MAnagement
  • Recommendations as to succession planning, actions and timelines

Policies, Procedures and Guidance:

  • Review of current Policies, Procedures, Guidance, Forms, Checklists and Records, with respect to current legal and regulatory requirements
  • Amendment of existing Policies, Procedures, Guidance, Forms, Checklists and Records
  • Creation of new Policies, Procedures, Guidance, Forms, Checklists and Records, as required
  • Review of Data Protection activities within the organisation and creation of any relevant Policy, Procedure, Guidance, Forms, Checklists and Records to cover both hard and soft copy records


  • Completion of Risk Assessment for the organisation
  • Completion of initial Risk Matrix for consideration by the Board at each Board Meeting

Business Continuity:

  • Review of current Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Amendmen/Creation of Business Continuity Plans
  • Review of Current 'Battle Box'
  • Amendment to/creation of new 'Battle Box'


  • Review of current operational activities
  • Review of current staff, responsibilities and effectiveness
  • Review of currrent operational procures and effectiveness assessment
  • Creation of new operational procedures
  • Review of project documenting (Database availability and use), knowledge-sharing at all levels across the organisation
  • Review of organisational insurance requirements and policies in force
  • Amendment/creation of business plans and strategic plans
  • Succession planning and cross-training for key staff and senior management
  • Review of organisational relationships, suppliers, third party service providers and provision of conflict resolution services, if required.

Further bespoke management consultancy sevices are available, which we are happy to discuss at our client's request.

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