Northern Ireland Women's Budget Group

Northern Ireland Women's Budget Group

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The Northern Ireland Women’s Budget Group (NIWBG) is a forum of organisations and individuals who bring together research, policy and economic expertise from a range of sectors. The NIWBG’s mission is to work towards an inclusive and gender equal economy. It focuses on gender-aware and inclusive economic inquiry, policy analysis and budget implementation.

A key purpose is to scrutinise budgets and spending plans for their gender implications, thus illuminating how taxpayer’s money is spent and highlighting the differential impacts on women and men. The NIWBG encourages the Northern Ireland Executive, government departments, local councils and public bodies to use fully transparent and inclusive budgetary processes, and ensure that gender analysis is fully understood and routinely used to enhance policy making and spending plans.

The NIWBG collaborates and partners with sister organisations across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. The 4 Nations in the UK have recently received joint project funding from the Open Society Foundations. This will establish the Coordinator post and develop the NIWBG's role in and contribution to public policy and the Northern Ireland economy.

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