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Hope and a Future is a Northern Ireland registered charity which was founded, in 2007, in response to seeing first-hand the impoverished lives of many thousands of children in the town of Shashemene, Ethiopia.

With many children simply too poor to go to school, and others with mental or physical disabilities languishing in damp, squalid, mud homes, we simply felt we had to do something. As followers of Christ we don’t believe Jesus would just have ignored these children and so we’ve embarked on working with local Ethiopians to help them.


From humble beginnings of four rented rooms where we employed teachers to educate 160 children, we now have two schools and educate over 600 of the poorest children in the sprawling town of Shashemene in Ethiopia. The School for Humanity is our largest school catering for 350 children in new purpose-built facilities. Our TESFA school currently operates from rented accommodation - but while facilities are not as comprehensive, the children enjoy the unique cosy atmosphere. 

As well as providing top quality education, which gives children a real chance of breaking free from the cycle of poverty as they grow, schools also allow us to impact the lives of children in other ways. We are able to provide our pupils with at least one good, nutritious meal each day - something which they just simply wouldn't otherwise get.

We have helped improved their health simply by providing hand-washing and showering facilities which have reduced the risks of many serious skin conditions and infections. In addition, our caring staff also offer emotional and spiritual support, where appropriate, as we strive to give our children every opportunity of a brighter future.


Over the years we have become increasingly aware of a real need for the many children in the town who suffer forms of mental or physical disabilities. It is unfortunate that culturally disabilities are often viewed as a "curse from God" and consequently many children are hidden away. There is literally no specialised provision of care for these children in the region, and so we are in the process of building a new rehabilitation centre especially for them. Here they will be able to receive ongoing therapy to help them have much more fulfilling lives.

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