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Four Season Health Care

Each of our homes offer either some or all of the different kinds of care that people may need in later life.

We believe that feeling looked after is as much about creating a sense of home as it is about providing quality care.  Life is all about relationships. And they remain just as important in our later years, helping to enrich each day and make it more rewarding.

When each new resident arrives in one of our care homes they become part of a new circle that includes not only their own family and friends but also other residents, our nurses, carers and support team. It’s the blending of all these relationships that helps to fill each resident’s daily experience with new friendships, good company and a sense of family.

In every case we aim to deliver special resident experiences by developing an individual care plan for each resident with the involvement of that person and also of those who know them best.  We then continually review each resident’s care experience to make sure it is the most appropriate for them, or if their needs have changed. And all along the way we encourage feedback so that adjustments in care can be made as and when they’re needed.

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