Green Energy Technology Ltd

Green Energy Technology Ltd

30 Ballynabragget Road
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United Kingdom

Our Skills and dedication

With thousands of quality installations across the UK and Ireland, from small domestic installations to industrial applications, our customers are our greatest promoters. We pride ourselves on providing end-to-end turnkey systems that exceed customer expectations. Every energy problem has a different solution; that is why we take the time to get it right. We work with you to design a system that is just right for your needs, that provides the quickest payback period, and we will be there to maintain your system – leaving you to enjoy the financial and environmental benefits.

Biomass Boilers

Our biomass boiler range can use wood chip or wood pellet fuel. These high quality boilers can achieve over 90% efficiency, leaving conventional boilers well behind. These boilers are fully automated, with inbuilt control systems that prevent heat and fuel waste. Residual ash is minimal and clean, it can go straight onto your garden as fertiliser.

Wood fuel

Wood pellets and chips are cheaper than oil, come from renewable sources, and are 90% carbon neutral. Using wood fuel reduces reliance on imports, and stimulates the local economy. We work with you to design an ongoing fuel solution, based on your location, premises and usage.

Our Boilers

We have a boiler to suit every application and budget – from 5kW to 5000kW. Boilers can be self contained with inbuilt fuel storage or with ‘hoppers’ added to allow for increased capacity. We have taken our lead from prestige Austrian manufacturers, with reputations for excellent build quality and technology. Wood heating is now hi-tech. Over 80% of new homes in Austria include a biomass boiler system.

Wind Turbine Technology

The UK and Ireland have the greatest potential to harness natural wind energy than any other area of Europe. The area benefits from being islands exposed to offshore winds and also have a uniquely different landscape. Our wind blows most in winter – when we use electricity the most.

Green Energy Technology is an established Wind Turbine installer, with over 100 turbines and over a megawatt of power installed. Our complete service covers everything from consultation to ongoing maintenance. Our wind turbine installations are tailored for each location, and your electricity need. We can connect your turbine to battery storage, or back to the national grid or both – giving you the flexibility to use your power as you want, with the opportunity to sell electricity back to the grid.

Our turbines

We only install turbines suitable to cope with the most extreme conditions in the UK and Ireland. We take a realistic approach to wind energy; although wind power is free, certain criteria need to be met for a wind generating solution to work. If your location is not suitable for a turbine, we will not install one. We need your solution to work for you and we need the payback period to meet your expectations.<-->

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