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FindOut Training

FindOut Training
NICSSA Sport & Leisure
Upper Newtownards Road
United Kingdom

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Joanna Morrow

FindOut is an innovative and inspirational training programme which has been designed to inspire people to discover their full potential, with a strong emphasis on how to use it to get the very best results in both their professional and personal lives.


The Programme covers training in the areas of Realising Potential incorporating The Art of Confident Communication, High Performing Teams, incorporating leadership,  both courses are suited to individuals and corporate clients.  FindOut also offers Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Courses and Workshops in Northern Ireland delivered in specifically chosen locations such as Lusty Beg Island.   The courses are delivered in a way that supports the theory that we retain 20% of what we hear, 20% of what we see and up to 90% of what we hear, see and do.

FindOut also includes a Winning Athletes programme, which offers a wide range of courses designed for sports people, athletes and coaches at all levels such as Mindset Courses.

The only dedicated Weight Loss Programme that utilises nutrition, exercise, & psychology to ensure you maintain your ideal weight.   FindOut 10 Week Optimum Weight Loss Programme  uses evidence, intelligence and passion to achieve and sustain weight loss.

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FindOut Training

NLP can benefit you in both your personal & business life..

FindOut more at NLP Masterclass on Tuesday 12th April 2016, 7pm at The Pavilion, Stormont.


FindOut Training

How useful would it be to discover what really motivates and drives people at an unconscious level and use what you find to achieve great results for you and your business?


FindOut Training

FindOut has developed a series of courses to help you discover the secret behind realising your own true potential through the art of Neuro- Linguistic Programming. This is a method of influencing brain behaviour (the "neuro" part of the phrase) through t

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