Family Care Adoption Services

Family Care Adoption Services

97, Malone Avenue
United Kingdom

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Monday-Friday 9-5

We are a Regional Voluntary Adoption Agency working across Northern Ireland to place vulnerable children out of the foster care system and into permanent new families by the provision of specialist Adoption and Post Adoption Services

We work across Northern Ireland from our Head Office at 97, Malone Avenue. Belfast. BT9 6EQ  

  • We assess and approve applicants from all backgrounds across the Province to become adoptive parents.
  • We place children from foster care who cannot return to their families of origin into new adoptive families across Northern Ireland.
  • We provide ongoing Post Adoption Support services to adoptive families for as long as it is needed.
  • We provide access to records and background information services to Adopted Adults. 
  • We provide Social Work support & counselling and intermediary & reunion services to adopted, fostered and Care experienced adults wishing to reconnect with their families of origin.
  • We provide Social Work support, counselling, intermediary & contact services to birth family members who had a child placed into adoption from their family in the past.
  • We provide a unique Life Story service to adopted, fostered and care experienced young people across Northern Ireland funded by the Lottery Community Fund.
  • We provide a Social Work support and counselling service to Birth Family members who have recently had a child removed into foster care from their family and placed for adoption.   

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