Every Life Matters

Unit 5
Stylux Business Park, Old Glenarm Road
BT40 1NQ
United Kingdom

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We offer 24 hour support.

Elm NI, (formerly PIPS Larne), is a registered charity and voluntary organisation.

Elm NI offers support , counselling and emergency intervention to those who are considering or who have considered ending their own lives.

We also offer support and counselling to those who have been bereaved through suicide, including individuals and families.

Furthermore, we are engaged in training and outreach.

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Every Life Matters

The course demands no prior knowledge or qualifications. It is aimed at being user friendly for parents of teenage children and adolescents and for those who work with teenagers and adolescents either professionally or in recreational activities.

Every Life Matters

WHO IS THIS COURSE FOR? The course is for all who are 18+ and dmands no former knowlwdge or qualifiications. It is for those who are curious about, or hold an interest in Counselling and are not yet sure about committing to a course of one year or longer. It is also for those who feel that developing Counselling skills would enhance their current role.No matter what, through the course you will enhance your communication and interpersonal skills and find out if Counselling is for you. HOW LONG IS THE COURSE? The course takes place every Wednesday evening over 8 consecutive weeks fromm 19.00-21.00

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