Endometriosis UK

Endometriosis UK

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United Kingdom

We're here to provide vital support services, reliable information and a community for those affected by endometriosis.

  • We want to improve the lives of people affected by endometriosis and work towards a future where it has the least possible impact on those living with the condition.

Our mission:

  • To help people overcome the impact endometriosis can have on individual lives
  • For everyone to have the right to fast, appropriate care, support and treatment
  • For all of society to fully understand endometriosis and its impact and to be aware of the work of Endometriosis UK

Endometriosis UK's Content

May 30 12:00pm

Support Group Leader - based in Belfast

Endometriosis UK

Being a group leader can be incredibly rewarding. Local support groups can offer much needed information and support for anyone affected by endometriosis. They also give a chance to meet and talk with others who share and understand their situation.
Virtual for now but will be based in Belfast when face to face, Location TBC.

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  • Emma Ernesto