Donegall Pass Community Forum

Donegall Pass Community Forum

2nd Floor, CRI Building
165-169 Donegall Pass
United Kingdom

Donegall Pass Community Forum was established in August 1996. DPCF is a registered Company Limited by guarantee (NI637780) and a registered Charity (NIC102631)

Donegall Pass Community Forum’s mission statement is as follows:

“The mission of Donegall Pass Community Forum is to create and provide opportunities for all the Donegall Pass Community”

Our vision statement is

“Our Vision for Donegall Pass is that it continues to grow as an attractive, inclusive, vibrant and safe Community.”

In an effort to realise the overriding objectives embodied in the mission statement and the vision statement, Donegall Pass Community Forum aims to


1.Tackle the problems of unemployment and increase employability through skills training;

Build personal skills and capacity -

Provide pathways to employment

Provide volunteer opportunities

Provide a training and education programme in partnership with others

Raise education attainment levels

Provide ‘life-long learning’

Build further links with employers

Provide careers/jobs advice

Provide volunteer opportunities.


2.Address inequalities in areas such as education and training, health and wellbeing, housing and the environment;


3. Improve Health and Wellbeing;


4. Promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charitable projects in the area of benefit by means of advice, education and training for the benefit of the public


5.Provide and support programmes of education and training for adults in the area of benefit


6.Deal with issues affecting children and young people;


7.To improve safety and Promote the regeneration of the area – physical and economic - so that it becomes strong, safe, attractive and sustainable; Enhance the appearance of the local environment, continue to lobby on issues affection the community, improve community safety in partnership with other agencies.  Attract new business to the local community, work more closely with local traders, engage with external agencies that impact upon the vision. 


8.Encourage and facilitate social inclusion;


9. Improve community relations;


10. Identify the key priorities for developing the area and prepare a strategy and action plan for addressing these priorities;


11. Develop the Forum as an effective network for community groups and others working for the benefit of the area;


12. Raise awareness of the needs of the community and attract investment and resources to meet those needs.



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