Creative & Cultural Skills

Creative & Cultural Skills

PO Box 297
BT23 9FE
United Kingdom

We work to create fair and inclusive opportunities for young people within the creative and cultural sectors. We do this by raising awareness and shaping skills, education and employment best practice. We provoke action and enable learning opportunities that drive change and help to build an inclusive skilled sector.

Creative & Cultural Skills helps to build a sector that is both inclusive and skilled by:

  • improving understanding and awareness of the career options across the cultural sector
  • working to remove barriers to entry and progression for young people from underrepresented groups and disadvantaged communities
  • informing and helping the sector respond to changes in the technical education system
  • helping employers see the benefits of an inclusive workforce, in turn feeding new talent into the workforce and supporting the sector to continue on a course of economic growth and meet diversity ambitions
  • advocating and campaigning for systemic and policy changes that will improve the opportunities for young people within the sector.

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