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Corrymeela Community
Corrymeela believes that people can learn to live and work well together. We have fifty years of experience working alongside fractured communities and groups who are finding their relationships difficult, as well as addressing relational, societal, structural and power dynamics.

Corrymeela has a residential centre on the north coast of Ireland that hosts over 11,000 people a year, as well as a lived community of volunteers and staff.  Corrymeela also has a dispersed community of over 150 members who commit to living out Corrymeela’s principles of reconciliation in their own communities.  Corrymeela’s programme staff travel to work with school and community groups throughout Northern Ireland, as well as hosting groups on site.

We work alongside people from youth and school groups, family and community organisations, faith communities and political parties. We run group sessions using dialogue, experiential play, art, storytelling, mealtimes and shared community to help groups embrace difference and learn how to have difficult conversations. We work alongside visiting university groups as well as groups from other parts of the world who wish to learn from our experience, and learn how to apply the Corrymeela lens to fractures in their own societies. 

All of this work helps us learn how to live well together. It helps groups learn how to work well together. Corrymeela believes in the power of people telling their stories, of shared hospitality, of telling the truth about the present, of turning towards each other and finding strength, life and hope in each other. Ultimately, the work of Corrymeela helps groups learn how to be well together. 

Corrymeela is a Company Limited by Guarantee, registered in Northern Ireland No NI006823, registered with The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland NIC101597 and registered as a charity with HMRC Reference No XN48052A.


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Corrymeela Community

Presbyterian minister and founder of the Corrymeela Community, Dunmurry-born Reverend Dr Ray Davey OBE recently passed away on 16 April, 2012. The 97-year-old died peacefully at home.

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