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Community Finance Ireland

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We’re a charity, a social enterprise operating across the entire island of Ireland. We aim to create a world-class community finance system that works tirelessly towards ensuring that positive social impact is felt – not just dreamt. And we’re getting there. Ever since we first opened our doors in Belfast in 1999 as UCIT, we’ve worked with capital providers and clients to help see the change and make the change, right across the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise (CVSE) sector. And today we’re the fastest-growing dedicated social finance provider across Ireland and the UK. But there’s still more to be done.

Dreamers Welcome

Our clients can see what’s missing in their communities and they can dream of the change needed.

But making that dream a reality takes finding someone equally invested in social change. Us.

Every loan we approve must have a convincing social impact attendant in it.

Collectively and through our unique partnership approach we can and do create social change and improve lives.

Creating Social Impact Feels Good

We’ve enabled all sorts of organisations and projects to successfully draw down the loans they needed to help make their vision become a reality.

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