Clooney Estate Residents Association

Clooney Estate Residents Association

55 - 59 Heron Way
BT47 6LE
United Kingdom

Purpose One Relieve poverty, sickness and the aged to promote the benefit of the inhabitants of the Clooney Estate and district area of County Londonderry and its environs without distinction of age, gender, race, political, religious or other opinion, by associating the statutory authorities, voluntary organisations and inhabitants in a common 

effort to advance education and to provide facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation, with the object of improving the condition of life for the said inhabitants. The direct benefits which flow from this purpose include improved relations within a mixed estate, improved living environment and access to both recreational and educational activities. These benefits are demonstrated through the provision of servies in a shared space which include: • Community Cafe and free creche • Older peoples Luncheon Club • Positive parenting programme with free childcare • A minimum of six health initiatives each year • A minimum of six community safety initiatives each year • A full range of accredited courses and classes • On going welfare rights support • Housing Executive Clinics • A full time youth club running a minimum of five days per week • Family trips • Family summer schemes • Music and movement classes • Addiction services - floating support • Cultural events and activities • Adult education programme • Free driving theory lessons • Winter Health scheme for vulnerable residents • Seasonal Activities • Physical regeneration projects • Gardening projects The beneficiaries of this purpose are residents of all ages in the local vicinity. A private benefit to trustees may arise from our programme of on gping training in good governance, finance etc. These benefits are incidental and necessary to ensure the benefit is provided to our beneficiaries. Purpose Two To establish or to secure the establishment of a Community Centre and to maintain and manage or to co-operate with any local statutory authority in the maintenance and management of such a centre for activities promoted by the Association and its constituent bodies in furtherance of the above projects. The direct benefit which flows from this purpose is the provision of a Community Centre leased from NIHE. This community centre is in a central location within the estate and is seen as a neutral and shared space. This is demonstrated through the provision of a community kitchen, main hall, games room, computer suite and staff offices which are fully accessible to all service users. The facility was originally stand alone with the staff offices in a separate property. However, two of the flats overhead have been secured for office space and we are in the process of carrying out a full renovation of the whole building to further improve the facility. The beneficiaries of this purpose are all local residents who engage in our wide range of programmes and services. A private benefit to trustees may arise from gaining experience in the maintenance and management of a community facility. These benefits are incidental and necessary to ensure the benefit is provided to our beneficiaries.

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