City Office NI

City Office NI

67 Boucher Crescent
BT12 6HU
United Kingdom

Contact Details

Christopher McGuicken [email protected] 02890381838

Opening Hours

8.30am - 5pm Monday - Friday

City office specialises in the hardware, service and consumables for office and administration printing, photocopying and scanning. We are a family owned and locally owned business that has been supporting charities and similar organisations in Northern Ireland for over 43 years. We are completely independent from a manufacturing letting us deliver independent advice and recommend solutions that best fit the requirements of your business or charity. 

City Office partner with a wide range of manufacturers to provide local businesses and charities thoruhougth the UK & Ireland with:

  • Multi-functional Device (Copy/Scan/Print)
  • Single Function Printer (Desktop to Multi office printers)
  • Print Audits/Reviews
  • Hardware Hire/Rental
  • Print Plan (Pay only for your prints)
  • Scanners (ADF Units)
  • Consumables
  • Print Managagement
  • Document Management
  • Services & Support

City Office’s Print and Document Services can help you and your organisation;

- Reduce the cost of your copying/printing & print less.
- Introduce secure printing to ensure only authorised users can access devices.
- Turn slow, paper-based document processes into automated, digital ones.
- Solve printing problems & replenishing supplied before employees are affected.



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