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We also provide billboard and retail point-of-sale adverting. CBS Outdoor sites capture and captivate more people on the move than any other form of poster advertising.

All formats offer a compelling media proposition for effective advertising, with special innovative opportunities also available.

Advertising research

Research shows that bus advertising is the most seen of all outdoor formats in and around town centres. Low entry costs and great distribution means that you can target a specific area effectively, with cost efficiency.

Designing your posters

For help designing and printing your posters our creative and production teams are happy to help, please contact us for more info.

Our franchise partners

We have three major franchise partners - Translink, Tesco and Dunnes Stores.


Translink is our principal franchise partner. Translink is the brand name of the integrated public transport operation of Metro, NI Railways, and Ulsterbus.

  • Metro
    Metro is responsible for the bus service in Belfast city. It operates 12 key corridors and in 2004 carried 20 million passenger journeys.
  • Ulsterbus
    Ulsterbus looks after all the bus services in Northern Ireland with the exception of Belfast city. With 20 depots across the province it has a fleet of roughly 1,100 buses and in 2004 carried 46 million passenger journeys.
  • NI Railways
    NI Railways operates the railway infrastructure throughout NI. In 2004 it carried 6.9 million passenger journeys on its 342km of track.


Tesco is a multinational food retailer and has 33 outlets in Northern Ireland.

Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores has 23 stores in Northern Ireland.

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