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Deborah Guy

Community Awareness
Drug & Alcohol Abuse
Restorative Practice
Interface Issues
Local Mediation


To work as part of a team to impliment the work set out in the CARE buisness plan 2013 -2016 and faciitate the development of the principles of restorative practices in the Greater South Belfast area.

  1. To raise the profile of the CARE project with local communities and statuatory organiseations in the greater South Belfast Area.
  2. To identify,target and engage with people within the community who are willing to engage in positive steps to help eradicates crime
  3. To influence policy and strategy within approprieate networks for the positive engagement with the criminal justice syatem
  4. To ensure that CARE maintains the highest standard of professionalism and best practice.


  • To identify key individuals, community groups and stakeholders in the areas above  and facilitate discussion through CARES community information session on restorative practices the possible development  of restorative practices and the care project in these areas. This will include assisting in the development of community think tanks on local issues, assisting with identifying and engaging with statutory partners and capacity building including training through CARES OCN level 2 Training Package...

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