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Boring Wells, a Fresh Expression of Church (FXC) within the Church of Ireland, is both a dispersed & gathered network of people committed to boring for "fresh water" in a variety of contexts & focused on community development from a faith perspective.

Genesis 26 tells the story of Isaac who pursued the vision passed to him by his father, Abraham, of re-opening old wells and digging new wells, sources of life and prosperity for anyone who chose to live close to them. The collective vision of Boring Wells is to continue the legacy of faith in the Church of Ireland, to re-open old wells in old places of faith and to open new wells where there are signs that a new community could be expressed.

A 'well' is our name for our attempts at creating mission shaped Christian communities. Each well in the BW network has a very different flavour but all share the same vision and core values. Currently Boring Wells consists of:

BodyBuilders - a summer outreach programme in Dunmurry that also runs discipleship and outreach programmes throughout the year.

WOW - is a team of parents and volunteers who provide opportunities for teenagers with profound learning difficulties to create their own experiences of being part of the Body of Christ. The result is a fresh expression of church that is a glimpse of God’s love incarnated in surprising ways. Based at Glenveagh Special School in South Belfast, WOW also offers parents the opportunity to meet together and build friendships over tea and sandwiches.

St Christopher's, Mersey St, is a growing missional community within Inner East Belfast. The community life includes a food bank (The Larder), a community gardening programme, Sunday Gatherings, Bible-study groups.
One of our members started a community association, which operates from St Christopher’s. It has helped local people to sort out all sorts of issues including bin collections, alleyways and local park facilities.

Tiny’s - Wednesday mornings at Moneyrea Community Centre are an opportunity to meet others for tea, coffee, scones, toast etc and a chat.

These together make up the Boring Wells network. We have found that people have a sense of call in different sorts of areas – not geographical as such but among certain groups of people. The wells each decide how they express church individually but we have a general sense of how the whole family of Wells expresses their love of God together.

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