Bogside and Brandywell initiative Limited

Bogside and Brandywell initiative Limited

128 Lecky Road
United Kingdom

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The Bogside and Brandywell Initiative are community organisation based in the Triax area. The BBI core responsibility is the implementation of Government Neighbourhood Renewal policy across the Triax area taking in the Bogside, Brandywell, Bishops Street and Fountain, and the Creggan areas. These responsibilities are delivered by BBI and other community organisations across the area by implementing the area Neighbourhood Renewal action plan which targets deprivation across health, education, physical infrastructure and environment. BBI hold primary responsibility in areas of physical and environmental improvements, community safety, and building the capacity of residents through a process of engagement with residents across the area. BBI also hold a strategic responsibility to co-ordinate services across the area between community organisations, statutory bodies and residents with the focus of ensuring that services delivered within the community are accessed by residents to improve the quality of lives of residents, tackle inequalities and deprivation that affect the area and build confidence and capacity of residents.

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