Belfast Street Pastors

Belfast Street Pastors

c/o Belfast Central Mission, Grosvenor House
5 Glengall Street
BT12 5AD
United Kingdom

Belfast Street Pastors is part of a network of Street Pastor schemes active in many towns and cities across the UK, and further afield. Ten years ago, our first team walked the streets of Belfast and didn't really know what to expect. TODAY...our teams are part and parcel of this busy city and together with the Council, PSNI, SOS Bus and Community Rescue Service, they act as a safety network on a Friday and Saturday night to ensure that people who come into the city for a night out can feel safe.  Our volunteers are well trained and ready to help anyone who is in need, for whatever reason. We give out countless pairs of flipflops (very well received), bottles of water, hats, scarves, gloves in the colder weather and administer basic first aid. We are not street preachers, but as we are all Christians from various churches, we are more than willing to share our faith and to pray with anyone, if they ask us!  We help to diffuse some 'tricky' situations by talking with people and summoning assistance from other agencies, if required. We have no issues 'crossing the divide' as our team members come from a wide variety of churches and are well used to respecting other people's viewpoints.  

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Belfast Street Pastors

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