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Befrienders for Disability: 'Whatever a friend would do' Befrienders For Disability is a Christian Charity working with people with disability in the UK and in Kenya. We engage with our service users on the ground, endeavouring to understand their specific requirements in relation to the spiritual, social, cultural and geographic locations they reside within, and to implement the fulfilment of these requirements into the projects we create and support.

Befrienders for Disability

'Whatever a friend would do': our charity helps people with disabilities in the UK and Kenya through practical support, care and companionship.

We are a registered UK charity (NIC100726), and we currently operate in the UK & overseas. In Northern Ireland we operate the 'REAL LIFE PROJECT'.

The 'Real Life Project' is not about disabled access or transportation, it is about integration.  We are integrating people with disabilities, not just allowing them access to places and spaces, because they already have access to every building, every shopping centre, every hospital, and yet the vast majority of people with disabilities are still not integrated and using those facilities.  They are still isolated, they are still nervous and still by themselves.   So in the UK we seek to bring friendship and support to the most vulnerable and lonely, but we are also specifically aiming to integrate adults with disabilities by assisting them to experience real life.  We do this through a befriending service; visiting people in their homes and in their care homes and facilitating assisted days out in their own community and surrounding environmental space. We also offer practical and emotional support, and spiritual counsel where requested. 

Within Care Homes, we are able to organise visitation programmes which consist of collective social time and workshops.

In Kenya we help to support the Metropolitan Sanctuary for Children with Disability in Nyeri.  This is a clinic providing free medical care, occupational therapy, prosthetics, food and other services to disabled children. 

For more information please check out our facebook page and our website 

You can also email us at: [email protected] or [email protected]

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