Beat the Street (Intelligent Health Ltd)

Beat the Street (Intelligent Health Ltd)

Headoffice Reading Enterprise Centre
University of Reading
United Kingdom

Building Active Communities

Intelligent Health’s mission: to create active vibrant communities where everybody matters

We understand the positive impact that physical activity has on health and happiness.

That’s why Intelligent Health makes physical activity a way of life through expertly delivered, measurable campaigns with long-term, community-wide benefits.

Getting people physically active not only improves health and wellbeing, it also saves public money and improves our environment. Changing behaviour isn’t easy, but our knowledgeable, innovative approach makes it possible – and fun.

Our success is built on the hard work and skill of our staff and the forward thinking of our campaign partners. Together, we’re making a big difference.

Founded by Dr William Bird MBE, Intelligent Health is dedicated to increasing physical activity and improving the health of communities around the world.

We believe a healthy community needs all stakeholders working together to make a difference. That means people, organisations and leaders.

Intelligent Health achieves change through community-wide initiatives (such as our Beat the Street programme), personal activity trackers, and bringing together key partners.

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Beat the Street (Intelligent Health Ltd)

Tens of thousands of residents are expected to take part in Beat the Street – a hugely successful community-health initiative which has helped hundreds of thousands of people in towns and cities across the UK to become more active.

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