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To do continuous research to find out the needs of the youth and their parents or guardians by their active participation in the research as well as the participation of other stakeholders in the community. 


To design, deliver and evaluate varieties of youth development programs, based on the analysis of the research such as: Organizing social and cultural events with the active involvement of the youth in the community for their social and cultural developments.


Providing skills development trainings (basic skills, communication skills, presentation skills, entrepreneurship skills, leadership skills, organization skills, employment skills, IT skills, time management skills, management skills, interpersonal skills, financial management skills, technical skills).

Providing attitude development trainings to develop self-esteem, self confidence, self-motivation, self-determination, respect for parents and others, responsibility towards the development of the community, positive attitude towards life, health, wealth, environment and family relationships.


To support and develop the relationships between youth groups, their families and the community




To design and deliver trainings, workshops, seminars or events skills for parents  to improve their responsibilities, attitude and temperaments towards the youth as well as to develop their communication and negotiation skills with the youth i.e. to raise parental understandings.  

To organize trainings, workshops, seminars, visits for the members and volunteers to design and deliver effective and efficient programs. 

To work in partnership and in collaboration with service planner and other mainstream bodies in service planning and other programs of the charity.


       Sustainable development to Horticultural Gardening

To start and run a business such as flower garden or dairy farm in order to maintain a cash flow for the effective operations of the charity. 




People those who are incapable to bear the expense of legal proceedings we will help them by our legal experts as well as by finance.

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