Special podcast launched to mark International Women’s Day

To mark International Women’s Day, the Law Society in Northern Ireland is making available a special podcast to celebrate the achievements of women in the law in Northern Ireland.

International Womens Day 2023Zoom


It is important that we take this opportunity to recognise the significant contribution which women have made and continue to make within the legal profession in Northern Ireland. This was highlighted in the Hook Tangaza consultancy research report published last year.

I invite you to listen to our podcast which includes contributions from:

  • Paddy Kelly, former barrister and now Director of the Children’s Law Centre, 

  • Maria McCloskey, Director of The PILS Project: Public Interest Litigation Support,

  • Ursula O’Hare, Director of the Law Centre NI and

  • Katherine Macauley, a practising solicitor with Joseph Magee and Co who specialises in family and criminal law.     

  • Sarah Travers, Radio and TV presenter and the host of the podcast

The podcast includes a panel discussion on a series of important issues.  Our panel also reflect on their career journeys, the challenges they faced, the opportunities they gained and their aspirations for the future.

This is a fantastic podcast which I recommend you download and listen to.

Brian Archer

President of the Law Society of Northern Ireland

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