Review how you are spending, advises The Consumer Council

The Council Consumer is advising consumers in Northern Ireland to review how they are spending, as household outgoings are changing with many of us spending more time at home.

The Council Consumer has a free online interactive budgeting tool that can help you do this and identify areas where you can potentially save money.

Scott Kennerley, Director of Financial Services at The Consumer Council, said: “If you are one of the many households in Northern Ireland currently isolating at home, you may have noticed your spending has changed. For example, you may find you are using more energy, your food bills are bigger or perhaps you are spending less on transport.

“Our free online budgeting tool provides you with a spending report that allows you to easily and transparently review your spending and see where your money is going. This can help you potentially identify key areas to cut costs. The tool will even signpost you to free tools and advice agencies to help you save money.”

Advising anyone wishing to use the tool, Scott added: “There is no need to enter any sensitive personal or banking information, as our budgeting tool is straightforward to use and only requires you to enter your income and outgoings.”

The interactive budgeting tool is available by visiting

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