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A new digital version of the previous book 'Goodbye Ballyhightown' is now available for a limited period. This version includes all 21 of the legendary Bahd News community newspaper produced and distributed by hand by the RSHG. A history of Rathcoole!

This is a digital version of the original project compiled by Roy Wallace which explored the history of the area known as ‘Ballyhightown’ later to acquire the infamous title Rathcoole. The book is a community document containing recollections of Rathcoole with input from various authors and many of the estate’s inhabitants at that time (1995).

The book was first published as a response to the dire lack of social amenities in Rathcoole whose inhabitants had suffered enormously under the weight of bureaucratic discrimination from local council and government departments since the building of the estate. The project helps document how local people struggled to address both the social issues and the negative media portrayal of a diverse and progressive thinking working class community.

The project attempts to weave historical and social narratives drawing upon personal and collective memory of experiences and events. The book also contains lots of photographs from the period related to the community in Rathcoole with many local characters and achievers acknowledged throughout the book.

This version contains all 21 of the legendary Bahd News, which was produced and distributed by the Rathcoole Self-Help Group who initiated and maintained a range of voluntary community projects for the benefit of the inhabitants. They also ran for election under ‘The All Night Party’ against all the Unionist and Nationalist politicians and nearly got elected! Read about it in this new version…

You can now access the 'Rathcoole at the Crossroad' video FREE on-line until 31st May 2104 by following this link:


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