Image left to right: Johanna Bindlehner, Ciaran Connolly  and Kai Dzino. Missing from photo: Elias Mistelbauer.

ProfileTree Concludes Successful Placement With Three Talented I.T. Apprentices

ProfileTree has successfully completed a 4-week placement with three talented Austrian I.T. apprentices; Johanna Bindlehner, Elias Mistelbauer, and Kai Dzino as part of a project with Intern Europe.

During this intensive project, the apprentices harnessed their expertise in AutoCAD, Java, and C# to create a valuable collection of informative articles and engaging videos for ProfileTree. Beyond their dedicated contributions, they also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Belfast city, exploring its numerous tourist attractions and savouring the cultural richness that our charming city has to offer.

Johanna Bindlehner (Apprentice in the Field of Application Developing) 

Johanna currently works for the Bundesrechenzentrum GmbH (BRZ), a government-owned IT services and consulting company based in Vienna, Austria. 

“My internship in Belfast at ProfileTree was great! I worked with an awesome team which gave me a really comfortable atmosphere while learning a lot of new things. When I wasn't in the office, I explored the city, checked out spots like Titanic Belfast and the Giant's Causeway, and enjoyed the local pubs and restaurants. I learned a lot about Belfast's history thanks to the engaging local tour guides and the museums and historical sites I visited during my stay. It was a perfect mix of work and fun, and I'll keep these memories forever!”

 Kai Dzino (Apprentice in the Field of Technical Drawing)

Kai is a current apprentice for Flex International, a global manufacturing partner, providing design, manufacturing, and support services that have a positive impact on the world.

“The five weeks I spent in Belfast were very nice, I saw a lot of new things, with highlights of a hockey game and day-hike in Newcastle. At ProfileTree I also gained a lot of personal and professional skills, which will help me throughout my career. ”

Elias Mistelbauer (Design Engineer for Automotive)

Elias is part of the ZKW Group, a systems supplier of premium lighting systems and electronics within the automotive industry.

I saw many things in Belfast, the landscape outside Belfast is really beautiful and the connection to the Titanic also makes the city very worth seeing. The work at ProfileTree was also very interesting, we had the opportunity to contribute our know-how to the company.

Ciaran Connolly - Director of ProfileTree

"As an organisation, we embrace talent from all over the world. Our active participation in student placement programs and apprenticeships, like this one, underscores our dedication to offering aspiring young professionals a chance to acquire valuable industry insights and expertise. It was great to have Johanna, Kai and Elias on board for this apprenticeship and we are immensely thankful for all of their hard work and contributions to ProfileTree.”


ProfileTree is a digital marketing, web design and SEO agency based in Belfast. We help businesses rank online and establish a strong digital presence that can rival their competitors’. 


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