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Eden Project Communities launches #TheBigThanks join in with shout outs on social media, on bill boards and with little gifts popped in the post, to spread positivity in a first step to maintaining community mindedness after the pandemic ends.

As millions of us struggle to cope with continued physical distancing measures, people are beginning to ask what will be the new normal?

Hundreds of thousands of people are already taking positive action in response to the Covid-19 crisis, from coming out to clap to creating cheery messages for neighbours to see, sharing groceries or going above and beyond to deliver food parcels, medicines, sewing scrubs for the NHS and more.

Alison in Portstewart is recovering from cancer she is supporting the NI scrubs activism by sourcing materials - We safely dropped some materials off and she told us " I am staying positive and finding energy I never knew I had, its helping me through it all, having a purpose!"

Speaking about #TheBigThanks Northern Ireland manager of Eden Project Communities and The Big Lunch, Grainne McCloskey said "We dropped off a little thank you to Alison because we want to recognise all the powerfully ordinary people like her doing what they can to be positive and get us through this.  With #TheBigThanks campaign we hope it will be a first step in the community response to the question: What will be the new normal? We hope that the new normal may start with a better connected community where people take time for each other, lean in and support each other more.

Partnered with National Lottery Community Fund we have been bringing people together to create healthier happier communities since 2009 with the annual thanksgiving day for neighbours - The Big Lunch. We have had lots of people get in touch interested to do something on their street after the pandemic and we are encouraging them to take small steps now, by linking in with our network and following Volunteer Now's guidance being visible and available to neighbours whilst being safe. We are also supporting all those doing what they can where they live with our weekly lunch time get togethers and anyone can join in here 


Eden Project Communities developed a Community Action Response to Covid-19, and over thirty of their partners including The National Lottery Community Fund, NICVA, Volunteer Now, Neighbourhood Watch, Neighbourly and the Campaign to End Loneliness recognise positive action comes in all guises, and how important it is to celebrate even the small things people do.

The absence of physical human contact has increasingly negative impacts over time, so partners are stepping up efforts to recognise the hyper local action and want to encourage everyone to make positive social gestures, feeding community spirit that will enhance our resilience over time.  

Even the smallest acts of kindness can make the world of difference to people who might be struggling and they allow us to connect with our neighbours.

Join The Big Thanks and spread a little  joy with your #TheBigThanks shout out @edenprojectcommunities and be part of something special.


No matter who we are we can have a positive impact 

"The leaf said I am too small to matter

The forest said without you I would not exist

You make the difference"

Some positive inspiration:

  1. Thank someone in your community using #TheBigThanks
  2. Post your thanks on and they may be picked for a special thank you
  3. Post a positive, uplifting, hopeful message to your online groups or do something interesting to brighten up peoples exercise route.
  4. Good humour goes a long way. Place a positive quote, funny picture or joke where people in your neighbourhood can see it to give your neighbours a smile
  5. Check on your neighbour, say hello and offer support if they need it


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