Newington Day Centre staff complete ILM Level 3 Award

Senior managers from Newington Day Centre (funded under Big Lottery Reaching Out:Connecting Older People Programme for an outreach programme) successfully completed the ILM Level 3 Award as part of the RO:COP support programme training provided by NICVA.

They completed units in Managing Staff, Financial Management and Project Planning.  Following the training they requested a support session in Newington to help them plan an event as part of the outreach programme. Under the RO:COP support programme, NICVA were able to facilitate a planning session with staff in Newington Day Centre for a community outreach day using the technique taught in the Project Planning session. The senior managers had found the planning technique interactive and helpful in involving all those taking part in the process. This session was not only designed to help organise the event but to act as a team building exercise to involve more staff than had previously been involved in planning such events.

The planning session was successful and staff member’s commented on how useful it was to see just how much is involved in planning such an event. It gave them a realisation of just how much was entailed. It also gave them a greater sense of ownership as they were able to input their own ideas into the event.

Margaret McCrudden (manager of Newington Day Centre) said, “As a group the general consensus was it was useful and showed how important everyone is within the organisation and how well they play a part. Very effective, visual and easily understood.  The staff enjoyed the session.”

Newington Staff Members

Pictured: Newington Staff Members

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