MUMS UNITED – NI Charities Call on the Chancellor to support hard working mums in the budget

Sign our Mum's Manifesto calling on the Chancellor George Osbourne to make sure mums don't lose out in the new system.

This Mother’s Day let’s give mums the help they need to work their way out of poverty.

Planned changes to the benefits system mean that, while many families will be better off, some of the poorest mums stand to lose thousands of pounds.

Most mums want to work. But the cost of childcare and losing benefits too quickly means that working often isn’t a route out of poverty.

We believe mums – and their children – deserve more.

Save the Children is joined by Employers for Childcare Charitable Group and Gingerbread (NI) in launching its Mums United campaign calling on the Chancellor to support hard working mums.

Show your support with other mums: sign our manifesto calling on Chancellor George Osborne to make sure mums don’t lose out in the new system.

We want working mums to keep more of their wages before they start losing any benefits; and more help with childcare costs.

Together we can help the poorest    mothers lift their families out of poverty and give their children the chance to fulfil their potential.

Sign our manifesto now –

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