Launch of Action Trauma Network

Action Trauma are delighted to share some exciting news with you. This project has been a dream of ours since 2018 and with lots of input from organisations and individuals we are delighted to share the launch of the Action Trauma Network.  

Our most recent virtual conference brought together over 2,000 professionals from over 60 countries.  We asked delegates if networking with like-minded delegates was important for their professional development and we weren’t surprised to find that over 90% of delegates said yes!

The purpose of the Action Trauma Network will be to primarily provide a safe space to connect professionals/practitioners/like-minded individuals working across various sectors of society, but all with one common goal, Healing Trauma Together!

What is the Action Trauma Network:

  • The Action Trauma Network is a membership organisationwhich will provide a unique space for professionals and experts working within the field of trauma to connect, network, develop their personal and professional toolkit and much more! 


  • Based on the organic feedback of our recent virtual conferences, there is a need for the Action Trauma Network to provide a place for unique networking opportunities for members all year round, not only during conferences, but through continuous networking, workshops, webinars and events.  


  • space to share and access resources, review and research new and existing modalities and how they can be implemented.   Reach out and learn from each other's professional expertise and knowledge to build on personal toolkits of knowledge 


  • The Action Trauma Network connects you and the valuable work you do to a larger network of other professionals, allowing collaboration and shared learning to happen naturally.



See below some of what is available from today on the Action Trauma Network:

  • Rhythm, Synchrony & Embodiment: From Neurofeedback To Psychodrama - A workshop from Bessel van der Kolk
  • The complete Verbal First Aid™ Workshop from Judith Simon Prager, PhD
  • Minimum of 4 webinars per annum
  • Video content added monthly
  • Book recommendations from world-leading trauma experts
  • Discounted tickets for Trauma Summit 2022
  • Register for the first FREE webinar from Michelle McMaster (Kintsugi Healing) entitled Grief & Bereavement Post-Covid which will be held on 18th January 2022.  This webinar will look at the impact lockdown and covid has had on the mental health of children and families.  Michelle will talk about her experiences especially over the last two years and how she has helped people move through life’s toughest challenges, patiently, skilfully and with kindness.

...and so much more.

If you would like further information please contact Claire at [email protected] / 028 9751 2110 or you can register to join via the Action Trauma Network website Join Now  



Last updated 2 years ago