Join Us.... Free for all and all for Free - Belfast & Lisburn

A group created for the members of the community. You can join our group at: or Like our group at:

For more than a year now we have been helping families in need all over Lisburn and Belfast at a time like this when most members of the community are facing hardship. We are not paid for what we are doing and we are not getting any funding or help from any organization in the UK, we are doing this to help members of the community we do so freely and voluntarily by ourselves. In just a year we have helped thousands of people/families through the generosity of our members. We welcome you to join us to support us as members.all members of the community are welcome. All you need to do is go to our facebook like here to join us to see for yourself. If you are in need or you are willing to support us in whatever way join our group where we all help each other...Remember sharing is caring...everyone welcome...

Free for all AND all for Free - Belfast & Lisburn

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