The Heat or Eat Dilemma with NEA (National Energy Action Northern Ireland) - FREE

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More people than ever will struggle this winter with heating their homes due to recent energy increases leading to decisions or whether to heat their homes or put food on the table.

"Cost of heating home in NI rose by 70% in October, MLAs told - and will be locked in for the rest of this winter" - see here:…

National Energy Action (NEA) will be joining the Money Guiders Network event on 18th November 11am - 12 md to offer practical advice on how organisation can support their clients with food and fuel poverty. This one off webinar is additional support for front line workers who support households, from practical tips and advice on energy efficiency and food poverty to keeping mentally healthy throughout the winter months. We will offer advice on cost effective measures to support those most effected by the energy crisis as well as what supports are out there if you need to register to a food bank or need further assistance.

  • Top tips on reducing energy costs in households

  • Heat loss in the home and how to reduce it

  • Health impacts of living cold, damp houses

  • Sources of advise and assistance including food banks and local services

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  2. REGISTER NOW: Heat or Eat? A tough question many face this winter Tickets, Thu 18 Nov 2021 at 11:00 | Eventbrite

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