Have you received an email from the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland?

As part of its work to prepare charities for the changes which will be brought in by the new Charities Act (NI) 2022, the Commission has issued emails to some 7,000 charity contacts asking them to ensure their trustees’ contact details are up to date.

The call to “check your details” is because the Commission will be contacting charity trustees in the coming weeks to provide an update on the new Act, briefing them on any new legal requirements which may impact directly on their charity. If a trustee’s contact details are out of date, they may miss an important update or information regarding their legal duties around annual reporting.

The regulator intends to use post and email to provide updates on the new Act directly to charity trustees, with text message reminders issued to trustees regarding their charity’s annual reporting deadline each year. Charities can check and update trustee details securely via the Commission's Online services portal here

The updates issued by the Commission will be for information only, and trustees will not be asked to submit any personal information by email, post or text. Any changes to trustee contact details should only be made via the Online services portal on the Commission’s website.

You can find out more about the new Act, and the changes it will bring in, including requirements around annual reporting and refreshed appeal rights for decision made prior to the end of May 2019, on the Commission’s website here.

Last updated 4 months 3 weeks ago