Empowering-Communties - a glowing article in The Parliamentary Review, highlighting best practice

Read the recent article about our work in The Parliamentary Review, highlighting best practice. http://www.theparliamentaryreview.co.uk/organisations/empowering-commun…

“We specialise in enabling early interventions, pre-emptively preventing an incident, rather than finding ways to deal with fallout”.  Gary Pettengell, CEO Empowering-Communities.

Though the idea seems simple, Empowering-Communities is unique in its provision. It facilitates communication between organisations – from police and councils to the third sector – creating a wide information umbrella for vulnerable individuals, preventing organisations working in isolation with limited data and potentially administering incorrect management. Under this broad web an individual can be enveloped in a multi-organisational blanket that can serve and protect them. Gary discusses the simple yet brilliant nature of his company’s service and its future – for wherever there is a vulnerable individual, Empowering-Communities intends to be there.

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