Emerging technology for patient care and monitoring

Line busy. Trying to get through to make an appointment with your doctor, then waiting three weeks to see him or her then perhaps a year to see a consultant - surely we can do better than that.
Several trends are converging under the banner of eHealth that promise to do just that. The developments include wearable devices that measure vital signs, local wireless devices that permit processing and transmission of data over the internet ( the inelegant jargon term is Internet of Things), artificial intelligence that, in some cases, can prove effective at diagnosis, and, not least, commerce. Apple seems likely to expand into the market - that is, beyond monitoring and recording to medical service provision.
InvestNI have recognised that digital health technologies, will allow patients to manage their medical conditions from home,  greatly reduce reliance on GPs and hospitals whilst improving patient quality of life. Details of a funding programme can be found here:
Dave deBronkart @ePatientDave is a supporter of technology and  patients being engaged with their treatment - you can hear some of his thoughts in the video clip in our Facebook page 

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