Do you care for or support someone with Dementia ?

The Carers Journey: Free information, practical support and training for informal caregivers in the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust Areas.

Information, practical support and training for informal caregivers in the South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust Areas

These workshops are free to attend and we would like to share our knowledge and expertise, by providing you with practical tips and information that make a difference to the experience of caring for a person with Dementia. We will also provide local information that will help and support you as things change. There are six modules and these will support caring practices, improve your understanding of Dementia and its progression, and help you look after yourself along the way.

The 2 hour workshops will run over 6 weeks and topics include:

  •  What is Dementia

  •  Legal and financial issues

  •  Learning to manage

  •  Communication

  •  Personal care and well-being

  •  Local support services

The programme allows you to meet other people in a similar position and gives you the opportunity to gain insight into the local services that are available now, to support you and the person you care for. The workshops will offer you deeper insight of Dementia and new ideas for communicating with and responding to the behaviours of the person you care for, including those that are challenging to understand, and nothing beats talking to others who know about Dementia.

To register your interest email [email protected] or call 028 90735273

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