Do you care or support a person living with dementia? (Southern Trust area)

Alzheimer's Society is delivering a free Carer Information and Support Programme (CrISP) in the Southern Trust area. This 5 week programme provides information about dementia and an opportunity to talk with others in a small group of no more than 12.

CrISP is a series of workshops for people caring or supporting a family member or friend with a diagnosis of dementia. It provides an opportunity for you to talk freely in a friendly and confidential environment about your experiences and the impact they are having on you.

Week 1

Welcome - introduction and sharing your story.

Week 2

Understanding Dementia - looking at the physical, psychological and emotional impact of dementia.

Week 3

Legal and Money matters - explores the legal and financial issues that may arise in the future.

Week 4

Providing Support and Care - explores concerns and challenges that may arise when supporting a person living with dementia.

Week 5

Coping day to day - looking at the physical, psychological and emotional impact that dementia may have on you as a carer.

What people have said after attending these workshops.

‘The programme was well presented and it was very helpful to meet others and listen to their stories. I didn’t feel so alone as a carer of someone with dementia. I learned a lot form the information and would recommend this course to anyone in a dementia caring role.’ - Craigavon programme participant

If you are interested in attending the programme in the Southern Trust area please contact Heather Von Loggerenberg on  07718 322722 or email [email protected]

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