DISCOUNTS on Writing, Video, Infographics, Digital Media Training

VIEWdigital has discounted training opportunities to help Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise organisations to grow their audience in the New Year. Courses confirmed include Effective Writing, Infographics and iPad/iPhone Filming & Editing


VIEWdigital director Harry Reid, a communications specialist and freelance writer, will lead off our 2017 Media Masterclasses.  His half day workshop on January 12 will teach you how to use EFFECTIVE WRITING to tell your story.  Everyone produces written material at work, some more confidently and successfully than others.  Reports, Fundraising Applications, Web Content, Articles - the impact of the writing depends on how clear, strong and lively the writing is. This highly practical masterclass is designed to give participants the insights, skills and techniques to more confidently and competently craft the kind of writing that underpins professional and personal success by:

  • Identifying the characteristics of effective writing;
  • Pinpointing the principles that, when applied, result in these characteristics;

  • Highlighting how to eliminate the factors that lead to ineffective writing; and,

  • Enabling adoption of the key proven methods to produce writing that succeeds in informing, influencing or inspiring the people who read it online or in hard copy.

VIDEO PRODUCTION using iPad/IPhone workshop on January 19

Using video to create, edit and distribute content will visualise your information, affording it greater impact. VIEWdigital trainer Barbara McCann can show your staff how to use iPads and iPhones  to shoot and edit videos proven to increase audience engagement with their stories

INFOGRAPHICS  (new evening course)

Creating infographics is a great way to tell stories about your organisation’s work in a visually and instantly recognisable format. The free software we are using, Canva, used with guidance from our trainer, Dr Ruth Brolly can be an invaluable design resource. Through demonstrations on how to represent your company’s message, even complex data, participants can gain valuable insight and knowledge to allow them to effectively visually represent your brand.


Want a quick lunchtime learning seminar on how to effective grow your digital audience? Damian Donnelly and Una Murphy will be on hand on February 16, 2017 12 noon to 2pm for a two hour overview of digital media and the digital channels to best connect with your organisation's audience 

Book a course here and state if you are a Voluntary, Community Social Enterprise organistion to avail of the discount. To receive training updates and a FREE digital copy of VIEW social affairs magazine sign up here Training courses are normally held at City East Business Centre about 15 minutes walk from Belfast City Centre and on the main bus routes


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