‘Delivering Together’ New NICE Guidelines for ME/CFS- Exploring Patient Safety & Healthcare Inequalities

Who is this event for? - All health and social care students and professionals, including those working or providing input into educational and occupational health services. Commissioners.

The Department of Health has reviewed and formally endorsed the *New NICE Guidelines for ME/CFS to be applicable in Northern Ireland. (19th January 2022) Hope 4 ME & Fibro N.I., fully supports the new guideline and has organised this conference to update healthcare professionals.

ME/CFS is a neurological disease (WHO classified), but is no longer a diagnosis of exclusion.

Supported by the new guidance in place in Northern Ireland, our expert speakers will explore how past and present obstacles for early diagnosis and early intervention, must finally be overcome. Delegates will also learn of the many resources and opportunities the charity has to offer for co-production and towards ‘ delivering together’.

Eventbrite Tickets £35 — *Healthcare Students FREE  


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Conference programme here: https://1drv.ms/w/s!AjEToPrFeTbvoCGRZYUMIkrMZ3VF

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