The cost of commuting highlighted in new Consumer Council data tool

With petrol prices nearing a 10 year high this week, just as many of us contemplate a return to office-based work, the cost of the daily commute will come into stark focus for many consumers.

Today, the Consumer Council has launched a new Transport Knowledge Hub, containing over a decade worth of Northern Ireland-specific transport data in a user friendly interactive dashboard. It includes an interactive comparison of current costs for consumers travelling by bus, train or car (petrol or diesel) from various Northern Ireland destinations to Belfast. 

Data from the Hub shows that commuting by public transport is cheaper than using your car, when insurance, tax and parking costs are factored in. For example, the monthly cost of commuting from Antrim to Belfast by bus is £132, by Train £135 and by car £390.48 for petrol and £355.12 for diesel, once all the running costs of a car and car parking is included.

The Consumer Council’s Transport Knowledge Hub also provides information on average flight costs from Northern Ireland to various UK destinations by airline as well as data on short and long sea crossings. 

Users can view the difference in costs resulting from how far travel is booked in advance (e.g. immediately or  4, 8 and 12 weeks ahead) as well as indicative bus/train cost comparisons between Northern Ireland,  Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

The user friendly nature of the Transport Knowledge Hub was highlighted in a recently published report by the Office of Statistics Regulation on its Review of Transport Accessibility Statistics.

Commenting on the publication of this new resource Richard Williams, Head of Transport at the Consumer Council, said: “As lockdown restrictions ease, many of us are travelling more; including by returning to work in the office. Our new Transport Knowledge Hub compares the cost of commuting between the car, bus and train. The data shows that commuting by public transport is cheaper than using your car, when insurance, tax and parking costs are factored in.

“The Consumer Council also encourage motorists to shop around for their fuel. We have an interactive fuel price checker tool on our website that show the lowest, average and highest price in towns across Northern Ireland. With rising living costs impacting many families in Northern Ireland any opportunity to make a saving is welcome.”

To access the Hub visit or for more help with your transport enquiries and complaints email [email protected] or call Freephone 0800 121 6022.

Last updated 1 year 1 month ago