The Consumer Council comments on latest Translink performance results

Following today’s publication of Translink’s Charter Autumn 2018 Monitoring Results, The Consumer Council is happy to see that Translink have continued to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction across its bus, rail and coach services.

Richard Williams, Head of Transport Policy at The Consumer Council, said: “Overall, passenger satisfaction with Translink services remains high. The survey also shows that Translink’s bus and rail services came top for value for money when compared with GB operators.”

“The survey unfortunately shows that whilst punctuality targets were reached for NI Railways; Ulsterbus and Metro services missed their target for punctuality. Unfortunately, the disruption caused by the fire at the Bank Buildings in Belfast has contributed to passenger’s overall satisfaction, and perception of punctuality of its Metro service. The Consumer Council will therefore continue to work with Translink so that they can continue to improve the passenger’s satisfaction with their services.”

Last updated 1 year 8 months ago