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Ciaran Connolly, ProfileTree Founder, Weighs In On UpCity Feature - Should Small Businesses Use Personal Branding?

The Founder of ProfileTree Web Design and Digital Marketing, Ciaran Connolly, recently shared his insight into personal branding for small businesses.

Ciaran Connolly, Founder of ProfileTree Web Design and Digital Marketing, has recently weighed in on an UpCity article on whether or not small businesses should use personal branding. 

This contribution was part of an UpCity survey, which featured insights from industry experts into how they are leveraging personal branding to boost brand visibility and loyalty.

In response to,

Are There Any Potential Downsides To Using Personal Branding In A Small Business Marketing Strategy?

Ciaran had this to say,


This insight highlights that whilst personal branding is a potent marketing tool, it's not a quick fix and requires a strategic, long-term approach to see the tangible benefits. This delayed gratification is a major challenge in the appeal of adopting personal branding as a marketing strategy for small businesses.

For the full insight, we encourage you to check out the full article by David J. Brin, which explores the benefits of personal branding and some tips that small businesses can take advantage of.  


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