Charity chiefs "can meet challenge for change" as funding pressures bite

Chief Executives in the voluntary and community sector have been ‘innovative and resourceful’ in response to increasing pressures on the voluntary and community sector, says CO3 Chairperson Dame Professor Judith Hill.

Chief Executives in the voluntary and community sector have been ‘innovative and resourceful’ in response to increasing pressures on the voluntary and community sector.

The comments were made by Professor Dame Judith Hill, Chairperson of CO3 (Chief Officers Third Sector) at the launch of CO3’s ‘Framework for Leadership Excellence’. The document highlights the scope of challenges faced by senior executives in the voluntary and community sector, and outlines the best ways to approach the changing landscape for fundraising and support. The framework, which has been developed in consultation with leaders from across Northern Ireland, sets out a clear roadmap of how the heads of these organisations can develop specific competencies to deal with the unique challenges faced by third sector bodies.

Judith Hill said: “Chief Officers in the third sector are presented with many challenges, and this framework identifies competencies which are absolutely crucial to ensuring the long-term viability of a charitable organisation. This framework has taken account of a diverse number of national and international frameworks and has been robustly tested. It has taken account of a range of other national and international frameworks, ensuring that all recommendations are specific to the current and anticipated challenges of third sector Chief Officer roles in Northern Ireland.”

“Every chief officer in the Third Sector should be aspiring for excellence and the framework outlines the standards necessary to achieve this. We also appreciate that each organisation is unique and its demands different, therefore we have ensured room for flexibility with the framework – with emphasis given to particular competences depending on the organisation and its needs.”

This framework complements the suite of work which CO3 has already undertaken to develop a deeper understanding of the important role of third sector leader, including ‘The CO3 Guide to Being a Third Sector Chief Officer’ and the ‘Third Sector Leadership in Northern Ireland Research Report’.

Judith Hill added: “We believe this Framework for Leadership Excellence will bring greater clarity and appreciation to the complex skill set required to run an effective third sector organisation. We want to thank all those who participated and supported the project including the Department for Employment and Learning, Lloyds TSB foundation for NI and Awards for All at the Big Lottery Fund.”



 - CO3 is the membership organisation for chief executives in the voluntary and community sector. With approximately 300 members, it aims to provide training and development courses for leaders in the third sector.

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