Can you help 7th Heaven's new Landlord Project?

We are looking for Pet Friendly Landlords to join our free register

We are a small, registered animal rescue charity based in Northern Ireland. One of the main reasons we have identified as to why people are asking us to take in their animal is because they are moving into rented accommodation and are finding it difficult, if not impossible, to find a landlord that will allow them to keep their pet. 

We find that this is leading to animals being handed into charities like ourselves and council pounds, or having to be destroyed by them unnecessarily. 

To try to counteract this, we are trying to compile a list of pet friendly landlords throughout Northern Ireland. It will be free to landlords who wish to join. We will also look to see what other media sources may be required to promote this. As there are appear to be an increasing number of pet owners being affected by this issue and as we get a high number of people checking out our website and facebook, it could also be beneficial to the landlords as they will get free promotion of their business. 

Can you help in any way eg: 
By putting something on your website and encourage landlords to contact us if they can help or would like their property or properties to be promoted 
If you could mention what we are trying to do and our contact details on any of your literature in case any landlord with properties in Northern Ireland would like to be added. 

What information we are looking from them: 
Their name, contact details – phone; e-mail; website (as appropriate); (their own address if they chose) 
The area of their property / properties 
The type of accommodation they provide 
What permission do they have for pet(s) staying in their premises 
If they have any restrictions 
Details if any additional charges may apply 

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