Nexus NI

A BBC Radio Ulster Appeal on behalf of Nexus NI

Nexus NI is a local charity that provides specialist advice and support to the victims and survivors of sexual violence. Last year, it delivered 17,000 counselling sessions to people of all ages and backgrounds – helping them to talk about, and deal with

The impact of sexual violence can be devastating - for individuals and their families. The team at Nexus know there are many people who need help, but are reluctant to come forward. Their reasons for staying silent may reflect the deep hurt and upset caused by their experience.  Or they may hope that ignoring their feelings will make them go away.

If you or someone you know has suffered from sexual violence in any form please visit the Nexus website. You can also help by  becoming a friend of Nexus via their website, or by joining their pledge initiative on your social media accounts. 

To listen to some interviews please visit


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