Xlerator Hand Dryers customisable bespoke covers can display your World Cup allegiances

Are you World Cup ready?

Do you want to make a World Cup statement?

Are you World Cup ready?

No matter where your loyalties lie during this World Cup in Qatar, you can display your allegiances, message, company logo or bespoke design emblazoned on the Xlerator hand dryer.

Bespoke covers are available for the Xlerator and Xlerator Eco hand dryer.

Not only are you getting super-fast drying times, energy and carbon-cutting technology, but you can reinforce your branding while your customers spend a penny, albeit they will only be spending about 10 seconds drying their hands due to the super high-speed motor.

With a super 7-year warranty, your message will stand the test of time beyond when the fever has subsided.

See the full range of Xlerator (and other bespoke customisable hand dryers) at www.ehanddryers.com


Last updated 1 year ago