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Type of support for people

  • Emotional or social support (e.g. befriending)
  • Information and advice
Help offered

Alzheimer’s Society’s staff are on the front line of the COVID-19 crisis, offering support which is more critical than ever before. We’ve rapidly adapted our services so they can be delivered over the phone and virtually – and these services will be a lifeline and a safety net for hundreds over the coming months.

  • Dementia Connect Support Line will provide people affected by dementia with personalised information,support and advice.  this service is open 7 days a week.
  • Community-based Dementia Advisers will keep in touch over the phone, carrying out Welfare Calls. These will typically be offered fortnightly, but will differ depending on an individual’s circumstances and needs. Through Welfare Calls, Dementia Advisers will be able to offer practical and emotional advice and reassurance, guiding them through unprecedented times. The calls will be a moment of familiar connection, and normality  amidst the uncertainty. 
  • We are trialling virtual Singing for the Brain sessions, including through Zoom. continuing to bring the incredible power of music directly into the homes of people affected by dementia, keeping them connected to each other through their love of music. Where people don’t have access to technology, our Group Leaders are also trialling a ‘Ring and Sing’ service, where service users can dial in to a conference line for a group sing-a-long. We expect these services to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.
  • In direct response to the COVID-19 crisis and the vulnerability of people affected by dementia to becoming socially isolated, we have developed a new volunteer-led service, Companion Calls. People affected by dementia will be offered a Companion Call to help keep loneliness at bay during the coming months. Volunteers will call people for a ‘chat’, to talk about what the person affected by dementia would like - which might be what they had for tea, what they have been watching on TV or their favourite hobbies. The volunteer will also be able to suggest things that the person might find useful, such as online resources on Alzheimer’s Society’s website or our online forum Talking Point. Companion calls will be offered alongside Welfare Calls if requested.
  • Dementia Talking Point-our online community is a helpful online community where anyone affected by dementia can receive valuable support.  It is open day or night.
How to access this support

The Alzheimer's Society can be contacted in the following ways:

Dementia Connect Support Line - 0333 1503456

Alzheimer's Society Website-

Dementia Talking Point-our online community -

Alzheimer's Society East Antrim - 028 93362940

Alzheimer's Society Down & Lisburn -028 97564681

Alzheimer's Society Newry - 028 30256057

Alzheimer's Society Belfast - 028 90664100

Alzheimer's Society Fermanagh - 028 66344073

Alzheimer's Society Foyle - 028 71348887

Alzheimer's Society Causeway - 028 70358887

Alzheimer's Society Omagh & Strabane - 028 71384570

Alzheimer's Society Craigavon & Banbridge - 028 38394440

Alzheimer's Society Armagh & Dungannon - 028 87753812

Alzheimer's Society Midulster - 028 86765888

Alzheimer's Society North Down & Ards - 028 91810083

Alzheimer's Society Antrim & Ballymena - 028 94461717

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