FMNI continues to be accessible to separated parents, with Mediators offering practical mediation sessions via online platforms

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Mediation sessions are continuing on-line  for those parents who were already engaging with us.  And those separated parents who have made contact since Covid 19 lockdown have been contacted by a mediator, assessed for suitability for the service and provided with sessions via Zoom and other on-line platforms,should they wish to engage. Others are choosing to wait for face to face sessions but can benefit from a telephone conversation with a mediator in meantime.  Mediators are working with parents to help them manage conflict, help them focus on the needs of their child now and into the future, as needs will change. The sessions are future focussed, practical, child focussed, confidential and Mediators are impartial.

FMNI is funded by HSCB to offer separated parents the option to be empowered to be the decision maker around how they co-parent post separation. We seek to continue to provide this service remotely as children are stuck in the middle of the conflict in lockdown and the rights of the child are paramount.  Parents can learn new skills with the mediator, how to manage triggers, find new ways of communicating post relationship and negotiate their own bespoke mediatied agreement that minimises any potential for negative impact on children.

Parents can be assisted to research and read on child development and impact of poorly managed parental relationship breakdown.  They are assisted to generate options and find mutually agreeable ideas on how to co-parent, how to continue to support their child.  Parents can be assisted to consider the use of on-line platforms to provide continuity of contact for children of all ages. 

All our services have now moved all line to support parents and children during this additional difficult time. 


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By contacting FMNI at

enquiry line 02890243265 Mon to Thur 10am to 12pm

[email protected]

[email protected]

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